Port of Saint Malo

About Saint Malo, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Saint Malo, Brittany, France)

Saint Malo was once a fortified island. Today, this beautiful granite-walled town boasts a wonderful medieval atmosphere, spectacular scenery and lovely beaches.

What to do in Saint Malo

Strolling around the ramparts and walls of Saint Malo is an exciting activity.

The ancient fort of Alet, constructed before Roman times, is the town's leading attraction. The fort offers breathtaking views of Saint Malo and the coastline surrounding the town. Exploring the maze of ancient alleys, lanes and streets can be rewarding as they are filled with charming squares full of traditional buildings.

The countryside surrounding Saint Malo provides several stunning locations which are ideal for hiking, relaxing and picnicking. The medieval town of Dinan can be found 24 km / 15 miles down the Rance River. Mont San Michel is a rugged island comprising a giant granite rock housing an ancient abbey on its peak. During low tide, the island is accessible across a causeway.

By day, the entire family can relax on the safe, serene beaches, by night the town becomes a lively hub of activity, home to excellent restaurants and pulsating bars.

Tourist Attractions

The town's major attraction is without a doubt the fort of Alet. Dating back to a time before the Roman Empire, the fort offers breathtaking views over Saint Malo and its coastline. The nearby beaches attract many visitors as they are the perfect spot to relax and unwind. The ancient towers and walls of the town create a medieval ambience that is a truly unique experience.

Saint Malo Port

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